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Common Sense Mistakes in Websites – Part 2

Too Much Text

One of the main mistakes I have noticed with clients attempting to update their own websites is they simply have too much to say about their organisation.  In general web users can be a lazy bunch, and do not wish to waste their time scrolling endless text.  Most users like to be able to skim text and jump to the section of text of interest.  When users open a page and are confronted...
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Common Sense Mistakes in Websites – Part 1

Trying to be too different

It is understandable that everybody wants their websites to be unique in some way; however there is a limit to how far you can take it before things just become confusing.  The last thing any user wants to do is relearn how to use the internet just to navigate their way through your site.  When users visit your site for the first time their eyes are automatically drawn to certain areas...
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Why Choose Stevenson IT

Stevenson IT web package vs Conventional Webdesign option

Stevenson IT Service
  • Select the Package that suits you
  • We handle the hosting of your website and setup your required email accounts
  • We handle your domain name renewals automatically
  • We provide you with ongoing technical support
  • We will also update your website at the end of your term should you remain with us at no extra outlay.
Conventional Service
  • Purchase website outright at about £1500.
  • Arrange Hosting of your site and pay host.
  • Create company email accounts...
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