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Why Choose Stevenson IT

Stevenson IT web package vs Conventional Webdesign option

Stevenson IT Service
  • Select the Package that suits you
  • We handle the hosting of your website and setup your required email accounts
  • We handle your domain name renewals automatically
  • We provide you with ongoing technical support
  • We will also update your website at the end of your term should you remain with us at no extra outlay.
Conventional Service
  • Purchase website outright at about £1500.
  • Arrange Hosting of your site and pay host.
  • Create company email accounts on your host server and set these up on your pc.
  • Pay for any Domain name renewals when required.
  • Will you receive any technical support should you have any issues with your Website or Emails?
  • Source Web design company and pay additional funds when your website requires updating or a redesign.
Price Comparison

Lets compare one of Stevenson IT’s brochure packages (steady) with the costs of purchasing your site through conventional methods.  If you pay upfront for your brochure website at around a cost of £1200, you may also then be expected to pay for your own hosting, or domain renewals, and may even be charged for technical support.

When you compare that with our ‘Steady’ package which costs a total of £27 per month for site, domain, hosting, emails and support.  This comes in at a total of £648 spread over the duration of your 24 month contract which could offer you a saving of £552. You also have the added benefit of not having to pay out lump sums.

Websites and their Shelf Life

In our experience modern websites currently have a shelf life of around 2 years from their initial launch date before they start to become dated, which is why we have designed our packages around periods of 24 months.  There are many factors which need to be taken into consideration when evaluating older sites.


One factor which effects how well your website will perform for you is its general appearance.  The world of design is changing on a regular basis and the internet is developing with it.  Websites today look very different to the websites of a few years ago, this may be due largely to developments in technology and browser updates etc, however it is clear to see that what was modern and fresh 2 years ago is now starting to look a bit tired and dated.  It is more than likely that your offline marketing and branding has developed over this period of time also, does your website look up to date with your current company branding.

Technology and how it effects your website

Technology is progressing at an amazing rate and it is important to develop your site alongside it.  One of first things that becomes apparent when comparing todays computers to computers of a few years ago are the screens and resolutions that are now being used.  Websites that fitted neatly onto your computer monitor a few years ago now look very small or narrow on new widescreen monitors with higher resolutions.  When considering the design of your site it is worthwhile considering the size of your average screen in use at that date in time, websites like the BBC or MSN are very proactive in staying with current technology and can be used as benchmarks for site widths.

Browsers and platform updates

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are just a few of the more popular browsers used by the public today and they all update their browsers frequently to keep increased security and offer their users the benefit the latest technology and scripts available.  If your website is a few years old it may not be fully compatible with the newest browser version and may not function correctly for some users as a result.  A good example of this principle would be with flash animated sites which were very popular up until very recently.  These sites may still look fine on most browsers but when viewed with a mobile browser on an iPhone, iPad, or on a new Windows 8 Slate or Phone any flash animation will not load and in a lot of cases the site becomes completely unusable.

Competitor Websites

New competitors are coming to the market every month and most new businesses will have newly designed websites with the latest technology and design used.  It is very important to frequently compare your site to that of your competitors to see if their sites offer any more to users than your site does.  Your site can become the face of your company and it is important to make a good impression.

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